How to bet on soccer

Soccer is the most popular betting discipline among bookmaker clients. This is logical, given the global interest in sport # 1 around the world. There are many effective ways to bet on football matches. In this article, we will learn how to bet on football and get good winning prospects.

How to bet on soccer?
Start Betting on Soccer with this How-To Guide

Unbeaten by inferior hosts

In the pre-match list, you rarely find bets on football in a bookmaker’s office on the home team at large odds. As a rule, they are no higher than 1.5 or 1.6 to win. Significantly lower than the quotation by 1X.

In certain situations, the odds for the home team not to lose in live significantly exceed the pre-match odds. It’s not hard to guess what happens when guests lead the score. Even if this is a minimal advantage, odds often exceed 2.

The bets on the non-loss of the hosts who are inferior with a minimum difference are asking if:

  • The owners are motivated and create dangerous moments;
  • Guests will be satisfied with a draw;
  • There are 30 to 45 minutes left until the end of the game;
  • The minimum odds for 1X are 2.

Pay attention to the statistics of the first half and fix the dangerous moments of the hosts. It is advisable to have access to the live broadcast in order to see firsthand the desire of the inferior team to recoup.

Draw bets

When it comes to the question of how to bet online on football, few of the bettors pay attention to draws. It is not accepted to bet on the Xs because of the high risk of losing. But to what extent do the risks correspond to the odds set by the bookmakers? Let’s figure it out. In matches of approximately equal teams, the odds for a draw range from 3.3 to 3.6.

This means that bookmakers estimate the odds of a draw between 27% and 30%. But is it so rare for teams to draw? In other words, are there any teams with a higher percentage of draws? In fact, there is. Let’s pay attention to the tournament performance of the middle peasants in not very effective national championships. For example, in the Russian Premier League, we found two teams that have 50% and 46% draws in away matches.

That is, betting on Xs in away matches with Zenit and Ural at odds of 3 and above is profitable in the long run. Teams are selected according to the same principle in other championships. Such bets are also called value bets, with inflated bookmaker odds.

Soccer Betting

Not all soccer betting strategies are tailored for high odds. But not for this technique. Draws remain underestimated bettors, which makes them attractive in terms of odds. It is enough for bettors to win 35-40% of trades to get a confident plus. This is easily verified by simple arithmetic.

Against a goal in the first half

Another way to bet on football at high odds. Bookmakers provide an opportunity to bet on or against a goal in the first half. As a rule, odds against a goal range from 2.5-3. Much depends on the attacking potential of the opponents and their motivation.

Often bettors bet on goals and total more in order to enjoy the effective attacks of the teams. This approach leads to the adjustment of the odds in the bookmaker’s offices. On lower totals and against goals, the odds are usually higher. If you find more cautious teams that don’t like to take risks in the opening minutes, then you can bet against goals in the first half.

Before placing bets on football, you need to analyze the teams’ previous matches. You will need performance statistics in the first halves. The more “zero” first halves, the more promising the rate. It is advisable that in the previous 5 meetings the opponents should be careful and rarely score, let them pass to the break.

Winning the favorite in the half

It’s no secret that the odds for winning football favorites are small. But if you look at the quotes for victories in individual halves, then they are much higher. For example, let’s take the Premier League fight between Liverpool and Southampton and compare the quotes for the home win in the match and the first half.

As you can see, they differ significantly – 1.3 and 1.73. In such cases, the favorites are suitable, who start aggressively and try to decide the outcome of the confrontation already in the first half. And again, before placing bets on football, we look at the statistics of the first halves. We fix the abundance of the favorite’s victories and the opponent’s defeats in the selected segment. It will not be superfluous to read the predictions for football with these teams, not necessarily relevant, you can also for the past games.

Naturally, a strong team should be as motivated as possible and not have any injured key performers. It is useful to look at the statistics of the opponents’ recent head-to-head meetings and make sure that the favorite in the first halves mostly won. The more such local victories there are, the higher the likelihood of the scenario repeating in the upcoming game.

Total Over 3.5 in Scoring Championships

When attacking teams meet, you can always expect goals from them. In matches with their participation, strategies of betting on football, on upper totals suggest themselves. It is logical to assume that such mandates are enough in the traditionally “riding” championships of:

  • Germany;
  • the Netherlands;
  • Norway;
  • Denmark;
  • Iceland;
  • Scotland.

In each league of these countries, there are many effective clubs.

Since the odds for the standard total over 2.5 are not very high, it is reasonable to take a closer look at the rates on TB (3.5). This is where performance statistics come in handy. We will give it as an example for the Dutch championship of the first division.

We chose teams that have 50% or more fights with TB (3.5). To know how to place bets on football, on totals, we must make a similar selection. And we bet if the odds are higher than 2 (for our case).

On the team’s goal away

When opponents compete with a bright attack and not very strong defense, there is always the possibility of a goal from each side. There is no big reason to bet on the hosts because of the low odds. But for guests you can. Again, we take into account the results of previous meetings of the guest club. If he often hit the gate, then you can bet.

It is also necessary to take into account the defensive potential of the owners. If the club often missed in the last rounds, then there is a high probability that the same scenario will repeat itself in the upcoming match.


We looked at promising schemes for how to bet on football. We made sure that there are enough interesting offers in the list of bookmakers. If you work with statistics correctly, choose the right teams based on it, you will be able to consistently win bets.